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Project Description

The Command Line Parser for C++ projects initiative is intended to provide a command line parser library written in C++ for C++ projects.

We take for granted that Microsoft Windows is a GUI story, not really a shell story (as Unix systems are). And this is why we design UI most of the time, for almost every scenario. However, it's sometimes faster and easier to get things done thru shells (consider Windows PowerShell which is a great tool for admins and power users like you and me).

With shells come command-lines, which are typically a series of arguments, switches and parameters used to somehow alter the behavior of a shell-based program. And this is where the Command Line Parser for C++ projects library helps you. Why? Because dealing with a command-line can take a lot of your development time even though it's not your core logic, it's not the main task you need to implement. Plus, handling the broad range of argument combinations possible rapidly turns out to be a pain. Literally.

This library is clean, simple to learn, simple to use, flexible, free (see the License tab). Go to the source code section and read the CmdLineParser.cpp file to get started!

Thanks for using. And thanks for contributing!

Thibaud Comte, Main Contributor.


This library is open-source and fully compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ and GNU compilers. It runs on both Windows and Unix. To reach this requirement and keep things simple it uses ASCII encoding, not Unicode.

If you target the .NET platform, this is not what you're looking for. You'll find plenty of projects under this website to fulfill your needs.


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